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Tours and seasons include:

1992 Stageland (J.K.Jerome)

1993 On the Celestial Omnibus (Donald Sutherland) and Don Juan in Hell (Shaw); French Leave (Feydeau)

1994 Too True to be Good (Shaw); Lear's Fool & The Tradgedy of Lady Macbeth (D.H.Wilson)

1995 You Never Can Tell (Shaw)

1996 Mrs Warren's Profession (Shaw); Cold Comfort Farm (Stella Gibbons)

1997 Heartbreak House (Shaw); Rookery Nook (Ben Travers)

1998 Pygmalion (Shaw); The Importance of Being Earnest (Wilde)

1999 What Maisie Knew (Henry James); Major Barbara (Shaw); Charley's Aunt (Brandon Thomas)

2000 People in Cages (D.H.Wilson); Overruled (Shaw); Private Lives (Noel Coward);

Mrs Warren's Profession (Shaw) Geneva (Shaw)

2001 The Schoolmistress (A.W.Pinero), Man and Superman (Shaw's Corner) (Tour) (Shaw)

Shaw Cornered (Robert Shearman)

2002 Anniversary Party

2002 Arms and the Man (Shaw); The Miser (Molière, adapted by Henry Fielding)

2003 Game Pie (Feydeau); Saint Joan (Shaw); Perkin Warbeck (John Ford)

2004 Cock of the Walk (Feydeau) The Turnabout (Lewis Dixon) The Apple Cart (Shaw)
The Devil's Disciple (Shaw) at Shaw's Corner. The Devil's Disciple Autumn Tour

2005 Pygmalion (Shaw); Misalliance (Shaw); Private Lives (Coward); Wait Until Dark (Knott);
Intimate Exchanges (Ayckbourn)

2006 The Primrose Path (Feydeau); Candida (Shaw); Shaw Cornered (Robert Shearman);
Back to Methuselah (Shaw); Blithe Spirit (Coward); Game Plan (Ayckbourn); We're Strangers Here (Chapple);
Pack of Lies (Whitemore)

2007 She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith); Mrs Warren's Profession (Shaw) (At Shaw's Corner) Mrs Warren's Profession (On Tour)

2008 Caught by the Tail (Feydeau) Chelsea Flower Show The Importance of Being Earnest (Wilde) The Millionairess (Shaw) GamePlan (Ayckbourn) RolePlay (Ayckbourn) Talking Heads (Bennett)

2009 Baby Makes Three (Feydeau); Mrs Warren's Profession (Shaw); Saint Joan (Shaw); Arms and the Man (Shaw); Private Lives (Coward); Intimate Exchanges - One Man Protest (Ayckbourn); The Maids (Genet); On the Rocks (Shaw) The Admirable Bashville (Shaw)

2010 Arms and the Man (Shaw); Events on a Hotel Terrace and A Pageant (Ayckbourn); You Never Can Tell (Shaw); Widowers' Houses (Shaw); Private Fears in Public Places (Ayckbourn); Gaslight (Hamilton); La Ronde (Schnitzler)

2011 The Long Mirror (Priestley), The Linden Tree (Priestley), Pygmalion (Shaw), 'In Good King Charles's Golden Days' (Shaw), Barefoot in the Park (Neil Simon), Confusions (Ayckbourn), The Mysterious Mr Love (Karoline Leach), Fanny's First Play (Shaw), Scrooge the Pantomime (John Goodrum)

2012 The Primrose Path (Feydeau), Easter (Strindberg), Dear Janet Rosenberg, Dear Mr Kooning (Stanley Eveling), Candida (Shaw), Man and Superman (Shaw) Duet for Two Hands (Mary Hayley Bell), Passing Strangers (Eric Chappell), Intimate Exchanges - A Cricket Match (Ayckbourn), Autumn Music (Bernardo Stella), Puss in Boots (John Goodrum)

20th Anniversary Party

2013 The Man of Destiny and The Fascinating Foundling (Shaw), Buoyant Billions (Shaw), Geneva (Shaw), Misalliance (Shaw), Better Days Better Knights and Dear Janet Rosenberg, Dear Mr Kooning (Stanley Eveling), Improbable Fiction (Alan Ayckbourn), The Maintenance Man (Richard Harris), The Dark Lady of the Sonnets and Overruled (Shaw), Andromache (Racine), Babes in the Wood (John Goodrum)

2014 The Man of Destiny and The Fascinating Foundling (Shaw) TOUR, The Philanderer (Shaw), Heartbreak House (Shaw), Fallen Angels (Coward), Relatively Speaking (Ayckbourn), Same Time,Next Year (Bernard Slade) Berenice (Racine), Mother Goose (John Goodrum)

2015 Farfetched Fables (Shaw), Shylock's Revenge and Iago the Villain of Venice (David Henry Wilson), Mrs Warren's Profession (Shaw), John Bull's Other Island (Shaw), Cleo, Camping, Emanuelle and Dick (Terry Johnson), Life and Beth (Ayckbourn), Snake in the Grass (Ayckbourn) Aladdin (John Goodrum)

2016 Pygmalion (Shaw), You Never Can Tell (Shaw), Blithe Spirit (Coward) Absent Friends (Ayckbourn) The Sociable Plover (Tim Whitnall), Jack and the Beanstalk (Goodrum)

2017 Press Cuttings (Shaw), Dinner on the Terrace and A Game of Golf (Ayckbourn), Major Barbara (Shaw), Too True to be Good (Shaw), Rising Damp (Eric Chappell), Sugar Daddies (Ayckbourn), The Last of the Red Hot Lovers (Neil Simon), Sleeping Beauty (Goodrum)

The Onion at the End (Roy Kendall), The Affairs of Anatol (Schnitzler), Widowers' Houses (Shaw), Fanny's First Play, (Shaw), Dial M for Murder (Frederick Knott), The 39 Steps (Buchan), A Glimpse of the Domesticity of Franklyn Barnabas (Shaw), Dick Whittington (Goodrum)

2019 Arms and the Man (Shaw), The Entertainer (Osborne), Teechers (Godber), Trestle (Pringle), Scapino (Moliere), Cinderella (Goodrum),

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