Tour 2001

Elizabeth Jasicki and Roger Ringrose Stephen Israel and Roger Ringrose

Elizabeth Jasicki and Simon Jarrett Martin Entwistle and James Harwood

Roger Ringrose and Elizabeth Jasicki Gorse Mitchell, James Harwood, Elsbeth Benjafield

Roger Ringrose and Elizabeth Jasicki Genevieve Swallow

Ciaran Corsar and Roger Ringrose Linda Bardell and Roger Ringrose

Man and Superman Notices.

"Roger Ringrose hits the right note as Tanner, the rich and raffish revolutionary who never stops talking .. He is nicely matched by Elizabeth Jasicki as the coquettish, scheming Ann. And Stephen Israel adds zest as the brigand who was once a waiter at the Savoy." MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

"Intelligent, thought provoking, and very funny ...Particularly impressive was Roger Ringrose as revolutionary
John Tanner, who loses sight of his emotions whilst putting the world to rights. All the cast were fine, including Elizabeth Jasicki as the manipulating Ann Whitefield, Stephen Israel as the poetic brigand Mendoza, and Ciáran Corsar as the omniscient - and whistling - chauffer Henry Straker. And director Michael Friend has helmed the production with a steady hand". EASTBOURNE HERALD

"A stylish adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's epic masterpiece Man and Superman ... Littered with dry, witty, one-liners, many parts of the play, penned in 1900, will ring true with today's audiences and made the play a pleasure to watch ... Tanner, delightfully played by Roger Ringrose ... Impressive performances were put in by all the cast, including Andrew Wheaton as prudish Ramsden, Elizabeth Jasicki as mischievous Ann, Genevieve Swallow as strong Violet, and Simon Jarrett as inoffensive Octavius." WORTHING HERALD

"The central character, John Tanner, author of a newly published revolutionists handbook, is very complex indeed, and all the variations in his personality were expertly revealed by Roger Ringrose ... Ringrose revealed himself as a first class actor in top form in a top part." TAUNTON TIMES